Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now We Are Smokin’ Part 2

Continuing on from our last blog...
In addition to the Fatty we made on the weekend, we made ribs and we tried our hand at Moink Balls. (For those of you who don’t know what a Moink is check this out via BBQ Grail’s wikQUEpedia.)
When we made the Fatty (our last blog)we had left over Jimmy Dean and Chorizo mix so we decided to make some meatballs, and of course we had left over bacon so we thought we do a few Moinks!

We wrapped the meatballs in bacon and sprinkled with C-Dub’s Original Rub. We used some wooden skewers and turned them into some nice pork lollipops.

Smoking on the grill with the ribs and fatty.

This was our first time doing Moinks and when we checked on them again, I was worried they were over cooked so we took off without saucing them up. In the future we will add sauce to them.
Here is a photo of our Moink Balls aka C-Dub’s Pork Lollipops! Kids loved them!

Here are some photos of the ribs we did as well. We used C-Dub’s Original Rub on these as well!
We made a quick BBQ sauce using our C-Dub’s VooDoo Rub for a nice sweet and spicy sauce.

After a good night of smokin.......
We were ready to eat!!!!


  1. Sauce those MOINKs!!! Seriously, nice touch going with the skewers and turning them into Piggie Pops.

  2. oh piggy pops!!!!!!! love that!!!!
    I (Alli) panicked and thought they were over cooked so I pulled off!!!! lol....rookie mistake! Big Butz already called me out about the sauce!!!! lol

  3. Did the MOINK Balls have chorizo in the meatballs? Keep in mind that MOINK Balls are 100% beef meatballs wrapped in bacon. That's where the name comes from: Beef = MOO, Bacon = OINK. A little bit of MOO and a little bit of OINK. MOINK!

  4. They look good enough to eat!