Monday, January 31, 2011

We are Officially Smokin! Part 1

I have promised myself to be more active in the blogging arena in 2011! Here is our first post of 2011.
Wow this year has started off with a bang! Our smoker arrived last week after its trek from East Texas Smoker Company in Tyler, Texas. We waited to get it shipped up here after Christmas. We were so excited to see it on the truck when it arrived!

Finally! The "Bad Boy" has arrived!
Of course, it arrived in good ole Northwest the POURING RAIN!     
C-Dub gave a little help pushing the "Bad Boy" off the trailer.
We cured the smoker right away and waited until we had time to smoke on the weekend. Sunday came and we woke up READY! We may be new to this, but we were going to make sure our first time on the smoker was going to be worth it! 

First Up--- Smokin a Fatty!
Sorry friends from British Columbia...I am not referring to BC Bud!
I am talking about a Delish Carnivore Delight! We have seen other Q'ers doing this and really wonder if a couple of rookies could complete one on our own. This process did include a lil debate on how big of a fatty we were going to make and it got a lil heated when we talked about  the amount of bacon to use. NO one got hurt and the FATTY turned out way better than expected!

We first mixed up Jimmy Dean Sausage with Chorizo Sausage
We then did some bacon weaving! (C-Dub's Bacon Weaving 101)

Next we made our "Fatty Filling" which consisted of homemade hash browns, seasoned of course with C-Dub's Original BBQ Rub  then added scrambled eggs and cheese

We then layer bacon weave, sausage mix and filling as shown below
We are READY TO ROLL!!!!
Then we sprinkled on some C-Dub's Original Rub 
Seasoned to Perfection!

Now to get it on the smoker! Can't really see the fatty as it is hidden behind the ribs...


While inside we slathered on some sauce and out came this...

Finished Product!

Not bad for a couple of Rookies?
Tomorrow I will finish up the blog with the other items we smoked!


  1. That is a big fatty!
    I think my heart skipped a beat!

    Nice job on the blog!

    From your
    BBQ-en C-DUB Rub Lovin Family at Java Billiards :)

    You know...BBQ & Billiards..LOL..LOL.